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Dec 5, 2023

How do we really put more students on the pathway to prosperity and success? It all begins by developing infrastructure that can bridge the gap between industry and education. Listen in as Host, Salvatrice Cummo, Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development at Pasadena City College shares a panel recap from this year's Future Of Work Conference. The panelists discuss how to develop pathways to high demand occupations and which steps they recommend taking to drive student focused innovation. From the rise of technology and AI in the workplace to the significant changes in adult education and labor markets spurred by the pandemic, our panelists tackle the crucial role of leadership, diversity, and policy in shaping a resilient and inclusive future. Tune in and discover the plan of action we can all take to improve our strategies for the benefit of students and the workers we serve. 


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Speakers featured on this panel:

Nicole Feenstra, Founder, The DNA Agency

Dennis Rodriguez, Director of Business Development, Black & Veatch

Kelly Mackey, State Director of Strategic Apprenticeships, State of California Apprenticeship and Workforce Innovation Unit, CA Department of Industrial Relations

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor, Los Angeles Community College District


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