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Transcript: 2022 LISTENER FAVORITE- How To Tackle Workforce Inequity With Kome Ajise, Executive Director At Southern California Association of Governments

Dec 27, 2022

00:00:00 Kome

But the issue I think that compels may be an even more in-depth conversation is to what extent is that equitable? Do we all have access to being able to work at home? And so, the digital divide, I think is the bigger issue here in the conversation about the future of the workplace.


Dec 27, 2022

How can we actively work towards equalizing educational opportunities for all students? The goal of Kome Ajise, the Director at the Southern California Association of Governments, is to level the playing field for EVERYONE. Kome will share with us how SCAG is encouraging a more sustainable Southern California, and what...

Transcript: 2022 LISTENER FAVORITE- Why Technical Education & Post Secondary Career Programs Will Change The Future Of Work With Jennifer Zeisler Senior Program Director Of Career Readiness At ECMC Foundation

Dec 20, 2022

00:00:00 Jennifer

Ivy Tech, a community college system in Indiana, they developed this approach where they label a course to say that a student can take the course in one of three ways. They can do it in person in the classroom, they can do it online in real-time, or they can take it as an asynchronous class.


Dec 20, 2022

It is time to open up and diversify the education to career pathway! By developing and embracing new forms of learning methods, we can better serve students and families in less traditional or underserved populations. Joining us today is Jennifer Zeisler, Senior Program Director of Career Readiness at ECMC Foundation,...

Transcript: 2022 LISTENER FAVORITE- How Integrating New Media In Education Can Realistically Prepare Our Workforce With Rob Greenlee, VP of Podcast Content & Partnerships at Libsyn

Dec 13, 2022

00:00:00 Rob

Really, as you think about personal brand, for me, it's about building relationships and building trust. If a person understands that you're out there to contribute and participate and be involved, I think that the online media world is a terrific place to start that path for you. And I think it also has...