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Transcript- Episode 88: How A Few Minutes At The Small Business Development Center Can Alter The Future Of Your Business With Don Loewel The Director Of Pasadena City College SBDC Episode 88

Feb 28, 2023

00:00:00 Don

Find a way to make just an hour a month, a couple of hours a quarter to work on your business, and come to see us and let us help you. The SBDCs are here to help you work on your business.

00:00:20 Christina

The workforce landscape is rapidly changing and educators and their institutions...

Feb 28, 2023


Did you know there are free business development resources available all over? Learn further about how the Small Business Development Center works to support the Small Business Administration from Don Loewel, the Director Of The Pasadena City College SBDC. Discover how together they’ve created resources and services...

Transcript- Episode 87: How To Reimagine The Future Workforce of Los Angeles, With Larry Holt VP of Economic & Workforce Development At LAEDC Episode 87

Feb 14, 2023


00:00:00            Larry

You know, I think economic and workforce development is a team sport. And I think when I think of the future of work, I think all of us are engaged in this work. And I don't think Larry Holt or Steven or LAEDC has any lock-on ideas.

00:00:17            Larry

I do think we're...

Feb 14, 2023

Do you know the tools and strategies you can implement within your organization to help develop the future workforce? Joining us today is Larry Holt, the Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development at the Los Angeles County of Economic Development Corporation. He’s here to cover some of the most pressing issues...