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Transcript - Episode 116: Revisiting: Why Technical Education & Post Secondary Career Programs Will Change The Future Of Work With Jennifer Zeisler Senior Program Director Of Career Readiness At ECMC Foundation Episode 116

Mar 26, 2024

00:00:00 Jennifer

Ivy Tech, a community college system in Indiana, they developed this approach where they label a course to say that a student can take the course in one of three ways. They can do it in person in a classroom. They can do it online, in real-time, or they can take it as an asynchronous class.

Mar 26, 2024

It is time to open up and diversify the education to career pathway! By developing and embracing new forms of learning methods, we can better serve students and families in less traditional or underserved populations. Joining us today is Jennifer Zeisler, Senior Program Director of Career Readiness at ECMC Foundation, a...

Transcript - Episode 115: Revisiting: The Key To Becoming A Lifelong Learner, With Amrit Ahluwalia Executive Director of Continuing Studies at Western University Episode 115

Mar 12, 2024

00:00:00 Amrit

We have a responsibility to make the college a lifelong learning engine. We have a responsibility to make higher education something that people don't just do once at the start of their career, and then never really return to, other than for football games and donations.


00:00:12 Amrit

Mar 12, 2024

When was the last time you learned something new? Today I’m joined today by Amrit Ahluwalia, Executive Director of Continuing Studies at Western University. You’ll learn how support students and advocates for lifelong learning through detailed publications and access to a community of industry professionals. We’ll...