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Transcript- Episode 90: REVISITING: How To Empower the Community and Remove Barriers For Students with Dr. Laura Ramirez Episode 90

Mar 28, 2023


00:00:00            Dr. Laura

And when we talk about equity, when we talk about guided pathways, when we talk about helping our students move up the socioeconomic ladder, all those things really come back to one thing, and it's community. And that's the bare bones of what a community college is.

Transcript- Episode 89: REVISITING: Why We Must Build Systems That Stop Forcing Students To Choose Between Learning & Living With Joel Vargas Episode 89

Mar 14, 2023

00:00:00 Joel

There're major economic drivers in any region. How are those being connected with investments in local entrepreneurship, ensuring that there're vehicles to increase access to capital through vehicles like community development and financial institutions?

00:00:13 Joel

It's not just about...

Transcript- Episode 88: How A Few Minutes At The Small Business Development Center Can Alter The Future Of Your Business With Don Loewel The Director Of Pasadena City College SBDC Episode 88

Feb 28, 2023

00:00:00 Don

Find a way to make just an hour a month, a couple of hours a quarter to work on your business, and come to see us and let us help you. The SBDCs are here to help you work on your business.

00:00:20 Christina

The workforce landscape is rapidly changing and educators and their institutions...

Transcript- Episode 87: How To Reimagine The Future Workforce of Los Angeles, With Larry Holt VP of Economic & Workforce Development At LAEDC Episode 87

Feb 14, 2023


00:00:00            Larry

You know, I think economic and workforce development is a team sport. And I think when I think of the future of work, I think all of us are engaged in this work. And I don't think Larry Holt or Steven or LAEDC has any lock-on ideas.

00:00:17            Larry

I do think we're...

Transcript- Episode 86: The Key To Expanding Our Students’ Career Goals, Jack Friedman Founder Of Study Smart Tutors Inc. Episode 86

Jan 31, 2023

00:00:00 Jack

What I've found in my own life and in the students we've worked with, is that students' exposure changes students' expectations. And the more exposures, and the more we can provide that, the more students start seeing, "Oh, that could be me. Oh, I want to now do that. Oh, I'm interested in that."