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Transcript- Episode 83: What You Missed From The 2022 Future Of Work Conference Presented By PCC Episode 83

Nov 15, 2022

00:00:00 Sandra

When we shift the burden away from the student, then we make our institutions more accessible to them; where we don't burden them with proving that they are in fact poor to access resources, when we don't burden them with having to buy textbooks for specific classes, when we look at initiatives that are...

Transcript- Episode 82: The Key To Aligning Higher Education With The Current Workforce, With Dr. Su Jin Jez Executive Director At California Competes Episode 82

Nov 1, 2022

00:00:00 Dr. Jez

Higher ed is not just needed for a small elite group of jobs anymore. To really have a living wage job, to have a comfortable life, you really need some post-secondary education. In the U.S., your job ties to so much. Your job is really important for quality of life and prosperity across the board. And...

Transcript- Episode 81: Readying Students To Enter The Global Workforce, With Stephen Cheung President Of The World Trade Center Los Angeles Episode 81

Oct 25, 2022

00:00:00 Stephen

LA has been and will continue to be at the center of global attention. I think we underestimate the impact that Los Angeles has on the rest of the world. And because of that, we need to step up and we need to be more aggressive and assertive about our position on the global economy.


Transcript- Episode 80: Create A Growth Environment For Students & Beyond! With Will Walls Founder & Principal Executive Officer Of W. Sales Strategies Episode 80

Oct 11, 2022

00:00:00 Will

One of the things that I think is super important is goal-setting in terms of what do you want, because if you have the audacity to dream and then you have what do I want out of life - then when I get to the Freeman Center or the counseling people or the Transfer Center, that is totally different if you...

Transcript - Episode 79: The Key To Becoming A Lifelong Learner, With Amrit Ahluwalia Editor In Chief At The EvoLLLution Episode 79

Sep 27, 2022

00:00:00 Amrit

We have a responsibility to make the college a lifelong learning engine. We have a responsibility to make higher education something that people don't just do once at the start of their career, and then never really return to, other than for football games and donations.


00:00:12 Amrit