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Jun 3, 2020

The Center For Work Force Ethic Development partners with education institutes and other entities that works towards preparing people to enter into the workforce. They help organizations develop foundational workplace skills. Host Salvatrice Cummo and Josh Davies discuss how partnerships between education, industry and policy makers can better work together towards the common goal of preparing a skilled and valuable workforce.

It’s become more and more evident that the most desirable skills employers are asking for are the human ones. As our guest Josh Davies, CEO Of The Center For Work Ethic Development  defines it: “any skill that can’t be done by a machine". 

This is what Davies predicts will be the most valuable asset in the future workplace. Skills that may just be better acquired in a community fostered within a two-year institution because of the agility & flexibility it offers in comparison to others. This might be the gateway to how we build a culture of accountability and trust. 


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