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Transcript- Episode 85: The Path To Supporting The Entrepreneurial Student, With Barney Santos, Founder & Managing Partner At BLVD MRKT & Founder & CEO Of Gentefy Inc. Episode 85

Jan 17, 2023

00:00:00 Barney

So, I would just tell people don't be afraid to start. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just start with small, little tiny steps that at least you'll feel comfortable with, and step out of your comfort zone and reach out to somebody blindly.


00:00:11 Barney

Cold call somebody, send out...

Jan 17, 2023

Students shouldn’t be afraid to go after their goals. Today we’re joined by Barney Santos, the founder and managing partner at BLVD MRKT, a carefully curated food hall for the community, and the founder and CEO of Gentefy Inc., a community development organization supporting entrepreneurs by investing in people,...

Jan 3, 2023

It’s up to educators and intuitions alike to remove barriers to job placement and work-based learning, so students can thrive and focus on their futures. In case you missed it, we’re recapping last week’s Future of Work Conference presented by Pasadena City College. Tune in to get a snapshot of some of the...

Transcript: 2022 LISTENER FAVORITE- How To Tackle Workforce Inequity With Kome Ajise, Executive Director At Southern California Association of Governments

Dec 27, 2022

00:00:00 Kome

But the issue I think that compels may be an even more in-depth conversation is to what extent is that equitable? Do we all have access to being able to work at home? And so, the digital divide, I think is the bigger issue here in the conversation about the future of the workplace.


Dec 27, 2022

How can we actively work towards equalizing educational opportunities for all students? The goal of Kome Ajise, the Director at the Southern California Association of Governments, is to level the playing field for EVERYONE. Kome will share with us how SCAG is encouraging a more sustainable Southern California, and what...