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How Developing SuccessfulTranscript - Episode 69: Fundraising Partnerships Can Provide Competitive Advantages For Students, With Bobbi Abram, Executive Director Of Foundation At Pasadena City College Episode 69

May 10, 2022

00:00:00 Bobbi

Foundations have got to be out there looking for strategic partnerships because the donors, these days, aren't giving to just one institution. Most donors give to up to eight institutions.


00:00:12 Bobbi

And I think leveraging the ability to combine resources, serve a population that...

May 10, 2022

Strategic partnerships between organizations and colleges are vital to the success of students. Diving into the current trends in fundraising, we welcome Bobbi Abram, the Executive Director of Foundation at PCC, onto the show. She’ll help us understand why the relationships between nonprofit organizations and...

Transcript- Episode 68: How We Can Take Steps Towards A Zero Emissions Reality Through Workforce Development With Dr. Noel Hacegaba Executive Director Of The Port Of Long Beach

Apr 26, 2022

As we pursue our quest to a zero-emissions reality, we just announced a groundbreaking program that's going to generate the funding necessary to transition our truck fleet to zero-emissions trucks. We're going to need the workforce to be able to support the transition to those technologies.



Apr 26, 2022

Today we’re joined by Dr. Noel Hacegaba to explore the vast world of imports and exports that take place at the Long Beach Port. As the Deputy Director of Administration and Operations at The Port of Long Beach, Noel will share with us the development of their green initiatives for imported goods, and how we can...

TRANSCRIPT - Episode 67: How To Mobilize A Community Of Partners To Overcome Economic & Workforce Barriers With Salvatrice Cummo Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development at PCC

Apr 12, 2022

How To Mobilize A Community Of Partners To Overcome Economic & Workforce Barriers With Salvatrice Cummo Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development at PCC Episode 67


00:00:00 Salvatrice

That is what ignites me. What ignites me is how could we be of service not only to our business community, but to our...