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Transcript- Episode 107: The Future of Work Conference: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment Episode 107

Nov 21, 2023

V2_FOW_Keynote Recap_11_9_2023


00:00:00 Stewart

The colleges have good connections with the employers, and we have really good connections with employers. How do we become that placement arm for those community college systems so that those folks are actually making that placement at hand in time?


Transcript- Episode 106: Bettering Our Cities for the Future Workforce With Alfred Fraijo Jr. The Founder and Partner of the SOMOS Group Episode 106

Nov 7, 2023

00:00:00 Alfred

That's a piece that I think is really critical, is to better understand what your ultimate mission and value is. If you are really focused on imagining a universe where that student that comes to your campus is the most prepared to absorb information and be successful as a student. And that student has...

Transcript- Episode 105: The Power of Passion: How to Identify & Pursue Your Calling in the Future of Work with Dennis Rodriguez Director of Business Development – Western US & Design Build – Governments & Environment at Black & Veatch Corporation

Oct 24, 2023


00:00:00 Dennis

A lot of folks kind of go through the educational process and they think, "By the time I'm done with this, or by the time I get my degree, or by the time I take that next step after graduation, I will have it all figured out." And the truth is, that's generally not the path, that generally the path is,...

Transcript- Episode 104: Discover The Path To Success at The Future of Work Conference Episode 104

Oct 10, 2023

00:00:00 Leslie

I don't think that we need to be disrespectful. I don't think we need to be overly confrontational, but I think that indisruption, insignificant systems change in work that matters, there is a certain level of discomfort and you have to decide where you're going to stand. And so, sometimes that's...

Transcript 103: Creating A Collaborative Strategy For Educational Flexibility With Mayor Gordo

Sep 26, 2023

00:00:01 Gordo

Formal education is important, but it comes in so many different ways. Not every individual, whether they're a high schooler or later on in their career, wants to go on to receive a bachelor's or a master's or a doctorate or a law degree. Those who do we should encourage to do so and help in every way...