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Transcript- Episode 112: What You Need To Know about Workforce Training Episode 112

Jan 30, 2024


00:00:00 Leslie

It is not just about getting the employees to be skilled so they can do more work, it's about getting them to be skilled so they can earn more money, so that they can have a better quality of life - so that the positions that you're training for are making a living wage, are increasing their wage, and...

Jan 30, 2024

How do we help students earn more money and raise their quality of life? To start, it’s about teaching them the skills they need to increase their wages and create generational wealth for them and their families. The key is workforce training. Host Salvatrice Cummo, Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development...

Transcript- Episode 111: Unveiling the True Voice of the Future Workforce Episode 111

Jan 16, 2024


00:00:00 Leslie

How do we have different conversations going forward? How do we start changing the conversation a bit? How do we start digging a little deeper? How do we start changing the language we use or approach we take?


00:00:10 Leslie

I think one way that we can do it is to create opportunities...

Jan 16, 2024

How do we start changing the conversation around the future of work so more students can get jobs? To best adjust the current landscape, we need to create more safe spaces that open up the dialogue around what organizations and students need in order to reach their goals. Host Salvatrice Cummo, Vice President...

Transcript- Episode 110: Confronting the Uncomfortable Truth: Why Students Are Struggling to Find Work in 2024 Episode 110

Jan 2, 2024

00:00:00 Salvatrice

At the end of the day - and we say this all the time, why are we here? Why is anyone that does this work here? We're here for the student, we're here to prepare them, we're here to enrich them with the skills that they need, both personally and professionally.


00:00:18 Christina