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Dec 19, 2023

What can we do to support the most vulnerable members in our society? In order to ensure the success of everyone, even students without a home, we must debunk the myths of what actually causes homelessness here in Los Angeles and throughout the entire world. We need to bring together the community, both employers and educators, to focus on jobs, childcare, transportation and other barriers that will transform the lives of the younger generation. Host Salvatrice Cummo, Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development at Pasadena City College introduces the closing keynote speaker for the 5th annual Future Of Work Conference, Anne Miskey, the President and CEO of Union Station Homeless Services. Anne sheds light on the root causes of homelessness, and underscores how we can provide transformative impactful employment opportunities that support the most at-risk members of society. Don't miss next year's Future of Work conference as we continue to drive meaningful conversations and actionable initiatives towards a more equitable and prosperous future for all.


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