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Jul 19, 2022

Higher education is needed for ANY living wage job. In the US today, your job determines your quality of life before any other factors. Here to discuss the importance of these post secondary trainings is Dr. Su Jin Jez, the Executive Director at California Competes, an organization creating nonpartisan, and financially pragmatic recommendations to improve the policies in California’s higher education systems. Dr. Su Jin Jez outlines the current programs in place and details what you can look forward to seeing in the expansion of higher education. Tune in to discover the changes institutions need to make in order to ensure we are preparing the next generation to compete and succeed. By focusing on closing existing equity gaps, bridging barriers to employer engagement, and aiding career readiness, we can align the goals of higher education with the workforce ahead of us! 

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LinkedIn: @Su Jin Jez 

Facebook: @californiacompetes

Twitter: @SuJinJez & @CalCompetes

California Competes Launches: Cross-Sector Career Readiness Pilot with Investment from ECMC Foundation

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