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Transcript- Episode 120: APPRENTICESHIPS: A Pathway To A Sustainable Future Workforce Episode 120

May 21, 2024


00:00:00 Salvatrice 

For the future, if we genuinely as a community care about the health, longevity, sustainability of our communities, of our local communities, the health of workforce, and I'm not talking about like physical health and mental health, I'm talking about wealth-health of our community, then I'm going...

May 21, 2024

Why don’t we hear about more apprenticeship opportunities for students? Today we’ll discuss the development of apprenticeships and cover what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to funding, planning, executing, and regulating these programs, and why they're so hard to come by. Digging in deep we’ll cover the...

Transcript- Episode 119: How Partnering with Education Improves Long Lasting Employee Relationships With Donald Bradburn, Director Of HR Strategy Design, Workforce Planning & Analytics At Kaiser Permanente Episode 119

May 7, 2024

00:00:00 Donald

As we look at how we have a relationship with our employees, traditionally, American businesses, it's transactional. And what I hear younger generations saying and what I see in the workforce is they want a relationship. So, managers and leaders have to shift their mind to be in it's not a transaction,...

May 7, 2024

What does the new generation want out of their work environment? In order to appeal to the future workforce, we must shift and reimagine how jobs function. Donald Bradburn, the Director of HR Strategy Design, Workforce Planning and Analytics for Southern California and Hawaii Markets, at Kaiser Permanente is joining us...

Transcript- Episode 118: How Educating Existing & Future Workforce On Green Technologies Can Change The World With Jaime Nack President At Three Squares Inc. Episode 118

Apr 23, 2024

00:00:00 Jaime

If there was a way to both create the tools and make the systems, whether it's your energy bill, your waste management company - if all of those pieces were magically uploaded into a cloud-based system and you were able to access your data at your fingertips, you'd be able to see where your biggest areas...