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Transcript 103: Creating A Collaborative Strategy For Educational Flexibility With Mayor Gordo

Sep 26, 2023

00:00:01 Gordo

Formal education is important, but it comes in so many different ways. Not every individual, whether they're a high schooler or later on in their career, wants to go on to receive a bachelor's or a master's or a doctorate or a law degree. Those who do we should encourage to do so and help in every way...

Sep 26, 2023

How can community colleges partner with their respective cities? What new opportunities are out there, and how can we offer them to more constituents? Which incentives will help us expand job training and mental health services? Formal education is important, but it’s even more important to remember it comes in many...

Transcript- Episode 102: Discover What A Modern Apprenticeship Program Looks Like With Kelly Mackey State Director of Strategic Partnerships for the State of California Episode 102

Sep 12, 2023

Kelly Mackey [00:00:00]:


Here's the truth. Graduates of these programs stay longer, and we also know that buying talent is no longer an easy option for a lot of these employers. The simple truth is there aren't enough Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley graduates to fill all of these roles. And the good news is, there doesn't...

Sep 12, 2023

It’s getting harder and harder for employers to lock down good talent. This makes it more important now than ever to cultivate registered apprenticeship programs that create long lasting, and meaningful relationships with students who will eventually become incredible workers. Salvatrice Cummo, Ed.D., Vice President...

Transcript- Episode 101: Part 2: Unpacking What It Takes To Equitably Implement AI In Education Episode 101

Aug 29, 2023

00:00:00 Leslie

There's a couple of other kind of really great opportunities for AI and education, and one of them is with, when you combine AI with virtual reality and augmented reality, technologies that already exist, you create these immersive educational experiences, enabling students to explore virtual...