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Feb 27, 2024

Could community college be a pattern disruptor for K-12 students primed for the prison pipeline? In this episode, host Salvatrice Cummo, Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development at Pasadena City College and Leslie Thompson, the Director of Operations, tackle the complex and often overlooked issue of the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Their conversation delves into the systemic patterns that push students out of schools and into the criminal justice system, particularly affecting marginalized communities and people of color. As they explore the impacts on the workforce and the process of reentry, they discuss interventions and opportunities for community colleges to support individuals at various points along this trajectory. 

This episode will challenge you to consider the ethical implications of prison labor as we explore the potential role a community college might play as a provider of meaningful education and employment opportunities for individuals affected by this issue. Join Salvatrice and Leslie as they open up a thought-provoking dialogue and invite listeners to engage in this important conversation about the future of work.

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