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Transcript- Episode 122: Empowerment in Action: Pasadena City College's New Initiative for Women in Business Episode 122

Jun 25, 2024

00:00:00 Salvatrice Cummo

I truly believe that our departments, specifically like a center, like the Women's Business Center, empowers so much. Empowers personally, empowers professionally, and then from, of course, from a strictly, like, economic lens, you know, it empowers people to ideate and create wealth and jobs...

Jun 25, 2024

Empowerment is the catalyst for change–sparking innovation, growth, and community transformation. Pasadena City College is excited to announce the Women's Business Center, a new initiative designed to foster innovation and provide tailored support to women entrepreneurs in the San Gabriel Valley. Host Salvatrice...

Transcript- Episode 121: How To Overcome Student Imposter Syndrome With Jackie Javier, Director of the Freeman Center for Career & Completion at PCC Episode 121

Jun 4, 2024

00:00:00 Jacqueline

What I would love for our listeners to acknowledge is that when we talk about the future of work, particularly for our students, it's not always an exciting topic. And what I mean by that is the future of work may create unexpected anxiety for our students.

00:00:21 Jacqueline


Jun 4, 2024

Sometimes a student's own fears can hold them back from going after their dream career. The future workforce is intimidating and it’s up to educators and career centers to support and help students navigate all of their doubts. Join in as host, Salvatrice Cummo, Ed.D. welcomes Jackie Javier, Director of the Freeman...